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Small Animal

Food:Sunseed is our major supplier of small animal food but we also stock Zupreem, Martins and Oxbow products.
Hay:Hay is one of the most natural forms of animal food. As such we provide a full range from botanical to alfalfa from both Sunseed and Oxbow.
Litter:There is shavings of all types, aspen, cedar and pine in sizes from .75 cu ft to 3.25 cu ft. There is also recycled paper like Carefresh and Fresh World as well as corn cob and wood pellets.
Homes:Ware Manufacturing has a large assortment of homes that your pet is sure to enjoy. Cages come in wire, wood and plastic with either built in activity centers or just plain.
Treats:There is nothing better then being able to reward your pet for doing or being your friend. There are yogurt drops, fruit treats and veggie ones for them to enjoy.
Toys:Chew toys, hide outs, nesting material and activity toys are all available to entertain you and your pet.
Other:Reptile products are not our strong suit but there are many of the daily required products in stock. Our major suppliers are Zilla and Flukers which both carry quality products.
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