Dreamland Pet, serving Elora, Fergus, and all Wellington county
Dreamland Pet supplies, toys, supplements, for cats, dogs, horses

Health and Hoof Care

Cut-Heal Ointment, Spray, Powder, Freeze
Hibitane Cream, Tea Tree Oil & Ointment, Aloe Vera Ointment
Betadine, Kopper Kare, Aluspray, Fura Ointment, Wonder Dust
McTaraham's Green Cool, Blue Lotion, Hot Pink, Alco-Gel
Absorbine Liniment, Power Gel, Refreshmint, Hooflex
Farnam Rainmaker, Shur Hoof, Reducine, HorseShoer's Secret
Sole Pack, Uptite, Coolout Clay
Cool Cast, Hoof Freeze, Pine Tar, Venice Turpentine
3M Vet Wrap, Animalintex, Gamgee
Wormers: Bimectin, Exodus, Eqvalan Gold, Panomec, Quest, Quest Plus, Safeguard
Needles, Syringes, Penicillin, OB Gloves & Boots, Disinfectants
6484 Wellington Road 7
Unit 3 & 4
Elora, ON
N0B 1S0
(519) 846-1313
(519) 846-1340 Fax
Retail Store Hours

Mon - Fri 9am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday 11am - 5pm
Serving Elora, Fergus, and all of Centre Wellington, Ontario.
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